Steel pools – advantages and disadvantages

11 July 2017, swimming pools

Steel pools are considered the best and most durable among all types of stationary pools available on the market. Also in our company, customers often even prior to any negotiations are directed to talk to steel troughs, claiming that they will be sure of the durability of the pool garden.

What are the advantages of steel pools that are so popular?

Because of the steel properties the pools made of it:

  • characterized by high durability and resistance to harmful factors (with proper use);
  • are not exposed to corrosion, thanks to the galvanized layer that protects it from corrosion;
  • they come in a variety of shapes tailored to the individual needs of the customer.Unfortunately, steel, like any other material, also has its drawbacks

First and foremost, steel basins are expensive, so our company is more inclined to offer customers with limited budgets polypropylene pools whose benefits do not differ significantly from those of steel. Pools made of polypropylene are also cheaper and their assembly is much faster.

Or is the pool at all not so good idea?

When discussing with customers about their characteristics, they begin to question their particular characteristics. They wonder if it is not worth to opt for portable pools. Our experience shows, however, that stationary pools are much better suited to their needs.