About us

We are young  and vigorously developing company with production profile. Our young but experienced team is still improving their knowledge and gaining experience in production and service related with. Our team is able to secure growing needs connected with construction and assembly of GARDEN POOLS, GARDEN SAUNAS, GARDEN JACUZZI.

We can effectively transfer our priceless experience gained with every year of our activity to deal with modern technology’s challenges.

Young team of engineers working on designing of materials available in technology intended for given product, improving abilities of fitting every type of POOL TECHNIQUE, which with every year is more advanced. To sum up, we take a chance only on solutions, which will give our customers lot of positive experiences and satisfaction  during relaxation in own garden.


Starting our business in the field of securing the needs of our customers in the relaxation of their own garden, we have paid particular attention to quality. We have extensive experience in engineering and construction work.

Within a few years of activity and acquisition of experience in production and services, we have set ourselves the goal that our products and services we offer (GARDEN POOL, SAUNA GARDEN, GARDEN JACUZZI) can be a model for our competition. The experience we have gained over the years has been successfully transferred to the products and services that we perform today. Technological solutions that are present today in the market differ significantly from those used several years ago.


The market segment which is the predominant domain of our business puts us on the high side. Starting our activity we had no idea how dynamic the market of products and services we are developing. Each year, we try to introduce new products to our offer, apart from GARDEN SWIMMING POOL manufactured in polypropylene technology. We are modernizing the machinery needed to carry out increasingly complex tasks. We are launching solutions such as WOODEN SWIMMING POOL, SAUNA BARREL, GARDEN JACUZZI, GARDEN WALLS, SALINE GRADUATION TOWERS.
Each of these products, to function properly and to be the source of customer satisfaction, is subjected to testing at the production stage to eliminate any problems resulting from its utility. Our goal is to improve the skills of our employees in terms of their skills and knowledge. The ultimate goal is to build an effective advertising strategy for the growing European market.