Steel pools – advantages and disadvantages

11 July 2017

Steel pools are considered the best and most durable among all types of stationary pools available on the market. Also in our company, customers often even prior to any negotiations are directed to talk to steel troughs, claiming that they will be sure of the durability of the pool garden. What are the advantages of steel pools that are so popular? Because of the steel properties the pools made of it: characterized by high durability and resistance to harmful factors (with proper use); are not exposed to corrosion, thanks to the galvanized layer that protects it from corrosion; they come in a variety of shapes tailored to the individual needs of the customer.Unfortunately, steel, like any other material, also has its drawbacks First and foremost,…

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How to create your own, Garden Spa?

19 June 2017

Large garden space should be developed in such a way that it promotes active recreation. Customers of our company are more and more eager to come to us interested in building a comprehensive garden spa, which will be home to not only a high-class swimming pool but also a jacuzzi and sauna. Garden Spa – comfort, luxury or maybe a frill? When negotiating with our clients, we often notice that they are in doubt. It is difficult to be surprised because your own swimming pool or hot tub is still perceived as an expression of exclusivity and extravagance. Our many years of experience in the market has taught us, however, that as long as such investments are needed, it is not worth giving up. Is…

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Why choose a garden pool?

19 May 2017

Garden pools are gaining popularity year after year. So far, they have been associated only with the luxury and extravagance of wealthy people. At present, however, everyone can afford to swim in their garden. But why should you decide on such an investment? What does she say? You will find out about this article! Garden pool, as an investment in real estate value It is not known today that the best and safest way to invest capital is to buy real estate. The swimming pool will significantly increase its market value, which is the first reason why it should be decided. Experts unequivocally believe that homes with access to their own pool can be even twice as expensive than homes without it. What’s more interesting!…

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How is the construction of garden pools?

16 April 2017

The construction of garden pools usually runs in a very schematic way. In this way, we can thoroughly know the requirements and expectations of our customers. There are more and more people choosing their own swimming pool and it is hard to wonder if we are going to take advantage of this benefit: the value of the property increases by at least a dozen percent; home gives you a lot of opportunities for relaxation and regeneration; Thanks to the pools we can also increase our physical attractiveness.Construction of garden pools – the first step When a customer comes to us interested in building a swimming pool in his garden, we ask him some basic questions: what size should be the pool; what budget it provides…

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We build a garden pool – what should you know?

28 March 2017

Garden pools have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. The climate in our country is still warming up, which is conducive to summer recreation in the fresh air. We also like to invest in garden architecture knowing that we are raising the value of the property in this way. What pools are usually built? The data we have collected is that customers most often choose to invest in polypropylene pools. It is characterized by: Durability Fast assembly High resistance to mechanical damage High resistance to chemical damage High resistance to ultraviolet radiation Easier to operate than classic swimming pools The possibility of regeneration by foiling. Polypropylene Pools – Who is involved in their production? In Poland, there are few companies that provide services in the…

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